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Please call us ahead and we would be happy to assist you.  You can also make purchases on our online store and request available times.

Welcome to Walnut Ledge Farm!

Walnut Ledge Farm is a NO-SPRAY, CHEMICAL-FREE 14-acre family farm located in scenic South Glastonbury, CT.  Owned and operated by Michael and Joanna Kamis, along with their two young daughters.  Though we have been operating the farm for the last 7 years, our farm has been around for generations!  Some of our blueberry bushes have been calculated to be close to 100 years old!  We are the 1st farm in the State of Connecticut to be preserved by the Connecticut Farmland Trust.  We are also proud to be registered with the Connecticut Botanical Society with having some of the largest walnut and chestnut trees in the state.

With the main focus being on our blueberry growing, we also produce maple syrup, chestnuts, garlic, onions and vegetables.  We also have 3 hives of Honey Bees onto the farm with hopes of producing a strong line of Honey and Beeswax products! 

Through the years we have been striving to bring you quality products with minimal to zero use of any pesticides or herbicides.  As of now we have accomplished just that for the past 5 years.  We are working really hard to nurture our soils and plants to create the most nutrition they can possibly have.  We have had help with some fertilizers made up of sea kelp and compost teas.  We are happy to find success in this program.  While we do things different, we also get different outcomes whether a slower growing season, or battling with our weeds.  We appreciate your patience and support as we go on this adventure to healthy living for you and for our family. 

We look forward to seeing you through our transition!

Due to the heavy winds and rains of Storm Isaias Blueberry Picking has ended for the 2020 season.  It is very sad for us not to have a proper "see you later", but we tremendously appreciate your support and understanding.  We are hoping to be able to save our frozen berry supply in the freezers now due to the power outage for purchase starting in the fall.  Our other products are available on our online store: 
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