Our Covid-19 policies

Here at WLF we are taking serious precautions and following the protocols of the governors EO's and suggestions from the Dept of Ag.  We want to ensure that all of our guests and workers are safe here at the farm and can enjoy their experience of being outside, picking berries.

  • If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home and stay out of picking fields as well as our check in/out areas.
  • Face masks will be your responsibility to have with you, there will be none provided by the farm.  Masks are suggested, not mandatory. Wearing one is not required in the fields.  We will measure out 6' waiting spacing for your safety at the check out counter and will provide the required 6' distance at check out as well.
  • Keeping the tradition of a free roaming farm, while picking please keep the required 6' social distance from our other guests when possible.
  • Children are welcome, but must stay with an adult at all times.
  • Staying to one bush at a time and clearing all the ripe berries from that bush not only helps the crops grow better, but will also keep from too many people picking from the same bush in the same day.
  • A portable toilet will be available for use, but encouraged to use only in emergency situations only to reduce the number of activity.
  • A hand washing station will be available and encouraged prior to handling the picking containers, entering the fields and after the use of the restroom.
  • We will be sanitizing all picking containers/strings with the use of antibacterial sanitizers and UV
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing high touch points such as cash registers, scales, tables, credit card equipment, etc
  • Provided picking containers are encouraged, but you are welcome to use your own from home after it has been properly sanitized.
  • Fruit should not be consumed in the fields due to hand/mouth contact, please refrain until you are home
  • Picnicking will not be allowed
  • Animals and pets are not allowed in the fields.  If you require a service animal, please advise the staff at the check out counter before entering the fields.

With all of our experience of social distancing and safety protocols in the last several months, we appreciate your cooperation of self-responsibility to keep our staff and guests safe.  Our goal is to be safe while still providing a fun, healthy, outdoor activity.  Thank you for your cooperation and help as we move through the season.
Why the Name Walnut Ledge?

Pictured above is our infamous walnut tree that gave the farm its name and is the 5th largest English Walnut in the state.  In 2007 it was recorded at 53' in height.

Also on the property are 12 Chinese and Italian Chestnut trees.  Our Chinese varieties have also hit the record books coming in at 4th, 6th and 11th largest in the state.  In 2007 the largest of these trees topped off at 42' in height.

Nuts come into season late summer through mid-autumn.  While very difficult to compete with the squirrels in the harvest the walnuts, the chestnuts are an easier find as they are protected by their spiny burrs.  After we harvest these, we have them for sale at our location on order or Saturdays when available.