Our main crops we grow are Blueberries, Garlic, Chestnuts and Maple Syrup.
Available beginnig Late July

There is nothing like fresh, local garlic!!
Why Local Garlic?  Besides the benefits of buying and eating local, China produces approximately 75% of the American supply.  With concerns and questions on Chinese growing practices and the tainted products in the last 5-7 years, it is smart to know where your food comes from. 

We are a small batch farm, but this growing year have produced 50lbs of garlic scapes and approximately 400lbs of garlic.  All seed was organically grown and after we planted there was never any applications of pesticides.  NEVER. 

Time to flavor your food with what nature intended.
What do I do with GARLIC SCAPES?

Garlic scapes, are the flower stalks of the garlic plant that are ready between mid- to late June.  They form a beautiful curlicue which when harvested, allows the the garlic plant to generate more energy to the bulb to produce larger cloves.

Garlic scapes have a robust garlic flavor when used raw, but when sauteed or cooked are tender and mild adding a wonderful flavor to any dish.  They snap like asparagus, and can be used in similar dishes as asparagus.  Perfect when roasted.

Garlic scapes are very versatile and are delicious in dishes from salads to mashed potates.

Garlic scapes keep best in refrigeration, but using them fresh from the fields are the best.  They can keep in the fridge up to a month stored in a paper bag.  You can also freeze them, but they tend to lose their strong garlicky flavor.  Even so, they provide a fresh addition of flavor to your meals..

100% Pure South Glastonbury Connecticut
Maple Syrup
2016 Grades Available:
Grade A Amber Color Rich Taste and Grade A Dark Color Robust Taste

Available in 8oz and 16oz only. 
All infused syrups are 100% pure maple syrup along with organic cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla beans

No added sweeteners and no artificial ingredients, all from Mother Nature.  All syrup is hand collected, boiled in small batches with a wood burning evaporator and filtered to remove all natural occurring impurities.

1 Gallon (128oz) - $69.95 each (SOLD OUT)
1/2 Gallon (64oz) - $40.00 each (SOLD OUT)
Quart (32oz) - $28.00 each (SOLD OUT)
Pint (16oz) - $15.50 each (SOLD OUT)
1/2 Pint (8oz) - $9.75 each
100ml (3.4oz) - $4.95 each (SOLD OUT)
Infused Syrups - $11.50 80z
$20.00 16oz

For off-season ordering, please contact us through our Contact Us page or give us a call at 860-633-2286
All bottles are filled by hand!!